Longer Battery Life, Faster Boot Times with Windows 7



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Win 7 is significantly faster on my 1 GHz Tablet w/ 1.25 GB of RAM. Most noticeably it doesn't slowdown nearly as much as Vista during HDD access/writes. Handwriting recognition is also faster and better/more accurate. It reports 30 minutes of extra battery life, although I haven't done any empirical testing.



I havn't noticed a huge boot speed increase, but the OS is generally just faster. From the time you see the desktop, you can just open up as many apps as you can and they all just pop up. The OS also uses less RAM than Vista. Photoshop runs faster in Windows 7 too. Also, my framrates in crysis with my 8600 gts 512 overclock almost doubled. No, I am serious. Like from being able to play on medium, to being able to play on high to very high. Windows 7 kicks butt!!!



Thanks for the tip about VirtualBox. It's available at http://www.virtualbox.org. It runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Open Solaris. Version 2.0.x, introduced in September, supports 64-bit operating systems and offers better performance with AMD processors than its predecessors.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



I'm running 7  on a virtual machine, which slows boot times to a crawl.   However, once booted, I've only devoted 1GB of my system RAM to 7, and it's running great.  I have a pretty old CPU (Atholon X2 4200+).  Combine that with the 1GB RAM and the fact it's on a virtual machine, and I'd say 7's great performance is almost miraculus.  I'd even argue that it's running faster than Ubuntu 8.10, also installed on a virtual machine.  (FYI, I'm using Sun's Virtual Box program.  It's great, you should try it.)



That Microsoft reimburses everyone that bought a copy of the Beta OS Vista.



I am really having high hopes for Windows 7....but then again, didn't they promise all this stuff with Vista?



I can't wait!

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