Logitech's Latest Chill Mat Doubles as Speaker



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Keith E. Whisman

Well I have 3 kids and I'm done so I'll just let my laptop kill my baby makers. Playing games on my laptop sounds a whole lot less painful than letting some doctor cut my nut sack open. But if you want kids then by all means get one of these things.



I guess I am the only one with an 18.4" laptop, or that even thinks about them, because finding laptop coolers, or cases for something that big is damn near impossible. What was I thinking...


Keith E. Whisman

I was over compensating as well, I have a 16" laptop. I would love to get one of these if the speakers are awesome, if the speakers suck then I'll just stick with a standard cooler. These speakers don't get real loud but I do have a small, really small subwoofer on my MSI laptop and I can definitely tell the difference with just the stereo speakers and when I have the subwoofer on. 



i have an asus laptop its 14.1 it never gotten to hot to the point where it had to shut it self down, but it do push out alot of hot air when gaming and the CPU cooling fan do reach it limit sometime only for a short period of time. it would be nice to have a little tag team buddy helping to keep my laptop cooler.

I saw this at Comp USA and i was going to buy it... but the something told me.. WAIT don't buy it now a newer version coming out real soon, and i was like okay ty, ttyl. :) i look froward to purchasing this keep us update Pulkit Chandna ty



These matt things you put under the laptops defeat the purpose of using an eepc


You might as well have the 15" if you are gonna sit it on your lap with that thing...



I saw these at a CompUSA store a few weeks ago, and was actually in the market for a lapdesk. Bit it's too small for my 17" laptop. Too bad, Logitech.



They stole my idea, I always thought that a cooling platform for a laptop with integrated speakers/subwoofer would be an awesome idea. I hope those speakers are worth the extra Jacksons.



I had no idea that laptops smaller than 14.2 inches were running so hot. I have not had a small single core laptop with integrated video for a very long time. Scary.

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