Logitech Z906: The First New 5.1-channel PC Speaker System in Years



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Here you can read a full review in English about the Z906. There are also pictures of the system.




WHAT? US$399?? might as well ship it from the states to Australia because they're charging Aussies AU$599 (US$640) over here!



Come on, where's that review? <bounce bounce>

The one thing that makes me hesitate about these is under the "Best of the Best" article with the Logitech Z-5500's is the line that says "audiophiles may look down their nose at these"... so, what speakers would audiophiles attach to their computers? Or does that line just mean "audiophiles would look down their nose at any set up that costs less than $1,800?"



For a moment there I was worried.  I haven't used my z-5500s in nearly two years since my old 5.1 computer crashed and I was looking forward to using them in a new HTPC I plan to build this summer.  Looks like this new version isn't any better.

The only thing I didn't like about them is there's no switch to turn off the console's LEDs.



great now if only someone other than Creative made 7.1 pc speakers I'd be golden, I still have the same T7700 released like 10 years ago, and their GigaWorks S750 has also been around nearly as long.



Yeah i'm not digging these as much as the Z5500...however 906 seems like a replacement to the OLD 680's? In which case they are that (I know this isn't right but that -is- how it looks)



I have the Z5300e's as well.  I wish they came with regular speaker wire so I could extend their range.  Other than that they have been rocking since 2005 so I can't complain.



No HDMI 1.4 portfor blu-ray players and 3DTV users. Shame really because the Z550 that I have would have been replaced by this Z906 if it had those features. I suppose you can still use the kit as a pass through for HD audio but Why does it not have this input? The new control pod seems to be low profile, but has it lost it's LCD display to be replaced by flashy LEDS? And finally, wheres the extra two middle speakers for 7.1 surround? That would have sealed the deal. So unless your forth comming review sheds more light on this, I think logitech have just really re-worked the same unit?
Bottom line though, if they are as good as their replacements then they will still be great!!



I have had the Z5300 speakers since before the Z5500 came out. I have to honestly say they still work flawlessly. Best investment I have ever made. I am looking forward to the full review of these speakers.



I have the Z5300e's, the damn thing nearly blew my bedroom windows out. One true con is the satellites are wired. So, I will wait and see until the reviews are out on this model before buying.


Fecal Face

I still have my X-540's, only paid 50 bucks for them :D



Hmm, no subject line in the comment post? Anyway, what's up with the "central control console?"

The Z-5500 definitely wins in this category.  I see no reason for the new system to not use the LCD like the Z-5500 did.  Also, it is not as compact as the control console of the Z-5500.  The only thing bad about it with the Z-5500 is the lack of multiple optical inputs.  Other than that, I really enjoy the Z-5500 and I am skeptical of these new speakers being any better.



From what I see I'm not impressed.  Looks like a step backwards.


Not to mention I have the 5500's and I HATE them.  Their decision to lock the Subwoofer crossover at a fixed 125hz makes the 5500 totally useless for music listening.  Gaming is fine, but you don't spend $300 on a set of speakers and expect them to suck for music.

Klipsh should have never exited the PC Speaker market :(  I dearlly miss my old ProMedia Ultra 5.1's, but after many years of service they finally gave up the ghost after the dog chewed up the subwoofer.



No HDMI is a deal-breaker for me.  The only things I don't like about my Z5500's are the limited inputs (somewhat corrected with the 906's) and lack of HDMI and subsequent lack of HD audio support. The addition of another optical in is great, but if my 5500's fail I think I'll be looking at a standard surround setup rather than another limited one. 



this will be a wonderful addition to my htpc when i move into my new condo. currently im using a traditional 5.1 setup with no fancy inputs. i have my speakers connected to my card as normal and for my 360, im running it via hdmi into tv and then rca back into the soundcard. my question for you guys is : once i get these speakers, whats the best way to hook it up given my somewhat simple set up?

should i do htpc->optical 1/xbox->tv->optical 2


htpc->standard speaker inputs/xbox->htpc->optical 1

or some other combination?

*edit* should probably mention that im NOT getting 5.1 from my surround speakers through rca or optical at the moment despit correct settings on 360, tv, and htpc. i would love to game with true 5.1 instead of that pseudo 5.1 mode these old logitech speakers have




I had a problem where the subwoofer was blowing out the fuse everytime I turned it on in my current 5.1 Z-5500. Basically, they sent me a whole new kit, and I now have a bunch of spare speakers!

I love my Z-5500. Use it for my PC. Use it for my PS3 via Optical...they just can't be beat for the performance you get out of them.



I have the Z5500's, I paid $289 delivered 2 years ago and I love them!

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