Logitech Webcam C930e Brings an Extra Wide Field of View to Businesses



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What they need to do with this is enable a way to control the pan, tilt, etc from the other end of the conversation (ie. remotely). It would make remote directing easier and provide better end product for remote recording.



'...most advanced webcam for businesses...'

So, what is the 'most advanced webcam' for consumers?



Why, the C920 of course... It to is HD capable with zeiss lens etc, but doesn't have the wide FoV, and the digital functions are done in the software, not the camera.

It still gives a really nice picture though. We use them at work here for recording skype commentaries and if the planets are aligned you can get excellent quality.

Sorry, I'm not a rep. I just think products should get recognition when they really do what they should.

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