Logitech Sees the Light, Launches Wireless Solar-Powered Keyboard



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They should really put in a backlighting system, that way you can attatch a mirror above the keyboard and have it use it's own light! omg perpetual power! :P

Jokes aside, a backlight would be nice. A dimmable one that can be turned off. A few leds shouldn't eat that much power, besides you could turn that off if you want 



I always wondered if they ever tried to do that, whether its light or wind. it would be cool to have a power source that actually powers itself, that would be awesome.


Peanut Fox

If it's solar powered, why would you need backlighting? 


Keith E. Whisman

Regardless of the green bull crap that's built in to it, that keyboard is just plain beautiful. I want one. That is just one very pretty plank. Man I want one. Hell I'll take a laptop with a keyboard surface like that. That is sweet. I just love that. 



Agreed.  I could care less about the fact that it's "green", I just want the keyboard.  I've always wanted a desktop keyboard like that.  Reminds me of my 1215N's chiclet keyboard in a way, and I looooove chiclet keyboards, they're so easy to type on.

And who in God's name is "Jake rumblen"?

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