Logitech Sees Huge Drop in Revenue, Plans to Lay Off 500



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Keith E. Whisman

50million dollars divided up amongst 500people. That's $100,000 dollars per employee of those 500. Damn I would love to make $100,000 a year and more of course would be better. Hugging $30,000 a year here is better than what those 500 are getting now though. 

I really really like Logitech devices and I hope they can reorganize to save the company during these hard times. This has to be approaching what it was like during the great depression.

Can we expect a New Deal from this new president? I'll pray for him.  



"but it is expected that the struggling economy has a lot to do with it."

 DUH....we are going thru some of the roughest times in recent memory. People just aren't shelling out the money they used to on frivolous things. Like me for instance, I used to buy a new keyboard and mouse just because they were cool, but now, money is tight and I'm not gonna shell out 100+ bucks when I don't have to. I mean, I feel for the employees and our choices that have been cut. But These companies say, OMG, we lost 100 million this year! Let's do a study and find out the cause!! It's simple people. It's because of hard times, not because we don't want the product.




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