Logitech Launches Flexible 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Set



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Unfortunately, for people with multiple consoles this wouldn't work. I have a PS3, connected by HDMI, a Wii connected through component and a PS2 connected by component as well.

With something like this, one would hope their TV has  audio out capability otherwise these speakers aren't very usefull.



Purchasing a few cheap Y-shaped RCA cables from RadioShack should solve this problem.  I have a similar Logitech speakers, with only one RCA input.  However, I am connecting both my Xbox 360 and Wii to two Y cables so I can hear sound from either console without unplugging anything, or requiring any more inputs.


However, an audio hub would be required for anything that doesn't use RCA cables.



If you use HDMI for sound then no speaker system will be useful without an audio out on the TV, right? As for multiple systems: I am fairly certain that there are hub solutions available. When the sound system only costs $100 a little extra for an audio hub should be affordable.

These are good points, but they do have solutions.

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