Logitech: Jumping on the Google TV Bandwagon was a "Gigantic" Mistake



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Actually, this pretty much misses the point. as does Logitech's boy here. Google TV could easily have been a success. while it definitely needed a bit of polishing here and there, the fatal flaw was not Google's, or hardware developers. It was a bunch of butt-hurt content providers, who were ALREADY GIVING THEIR CONTENT AWAY FOR FREE deciding that they needed to cut Google's throat for no reason other than "we didn't think of it first"

Remember, Google TV is basically a web browser with DVR functions. Content providers such as Fox and Newscorp and NBCUniversal decided that anythign flagged by the GoogleTV browser needed to be blocked so you'd have to go use your PC to do exactly the same thing, and because, at the time, they were running scared from Netflix and didn't want to have to allow Google the same sort of leverage over their dying business model that netflix already had.

Devices like GoogleTV and AppleTV will NEVER be successful in such an environment where each provider wants to stick their thumb up their ass just to spite each other and any newcomers.



So this was Google's version of Microsoft Bob?



Google needs to learn that it's mandatory to launch <em>with</em> content providers in place, not hope and pray they'll sign up if they fool consumers into buying in first.



This sounds like more fodder for the "Worst Inventions of the Century/Decade/Lifetime/etc."

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