Logitech Introduces a Touch Mouse App for Wireless PC or Mac Control



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Yeah it isn't perfect, but this is what I didn't know I needed. I love this app and free is a major plus considering all the cash I have spent on Logitech over the years I consider this a nice bonus. I installed it on all my computers and now I can control them from across the room. Scared the wife silly tonight with it :).

Would love to be able to shut down the computer from around my house. I sometimes start to drive away and forget to shut down. Be nice to just log on and shut it off.

Also I would like to it ask for a sync password for the first time use. I don't need my neighbors messing around with my computer. Although I am not sure if you can log into it unless you already have wifi access from the secure network. Have to test it out.

Thanks Logitech!



Jee guys it sure is cOLD in here. This type of app had been around since the dark ages of *shudder* 1.2 firmware updates. I guess this is the *official* product of those early creations though. I give logitech the thumbs up for getting this on the market.



Loved this app, been using my desktop as my media center until I can get a HTPC and I love not having to hop up to change movies or skip around scenes anymore...


The Tolsonator


Tristan Heitkemper

thats funny i just got this app, another great free app is "off", you can remotely turn off your computers

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