Logitech G600 Mouse Brings 20 Buttons to the MMO LAN Party



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Finally something to get me away from my poorly made razer naga!

I used to use a G700 but then went to a razer naga due to gaming demands, but I quickly found myself regretting this.

First thing that happened was my nagas left click died, so I took it apart and managed to fix. Then a week passed and I noticed a new issue, my right click began to double click rather than single click.

And since my play style in MMOs have adjusted to having a lot of mouse buttons I've gotta say this will be replacing my naga very soon.

Side note, Razer products are made very poorly compared with any Logitech device I've owned, but... Logitech G35 headsets I found are poorly made in the headset area.



"Side note, Razer products are made very poorly compared with any Logitech device I've owned, but... Logitech G35 headsets I found are poorly made in the headset area."

My opinion is just the opposite, but both products are constructed well. I always enjoy taking a Razer product out of the packaging and everything about their products show they take care in making them. It's unfortunate that your mouse was faulty but I own several Razer products including the Naga and I find them to work great.



Oh gee, that design looks really familiar. I guess they're not shy about blatantly copying another companies design.

I own the original Naga and even without trying this I'd have to say that I'd rather stick with my Razer mouse. I think they look better, especially the new designs like the Naga Molten or Hex. Plus I really enjoy their profile software and I find it easy to use and effective. Razer also provides trainers that you can place on any keys you'd like in order to help train your fingers in finding the different buttons.

It's awkward looking, and feels so during the first week or two of using it, but it's worth the adjustment. I pair the Naga with my Logitech G15 keyboard and usually have enough buttons for just about any game.



Logitech's answer to the Razer Naga.

Now if only it was available as a wireless.



I don't think my middle-aged brain could keep up with that many thumb buttons. The four on my G700 already confuse me pretty regularly.

That said, the G700 is without a doubt the best gaming mouse I've ever owned; its "flaws" are caused by user error, not hardware related.



Amen, the G700 is my favorite gaming mouse of all time but I would still like to give this bad boy a run as well. I have owned all the Razer Naga mice and I ended up either returning or selling them to one of my brothers. I love Razer mice as well don't get me wrong. But when I bought the Logitech G700, it was love at first click lol.

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