Locked Bootloader on Transformer Prime has Modding Community Miffed at Asus



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Here's an idea. Instead of going through all that crap, just DON'T BUY IT.



As someone who has a unlocked Atrix, Xoom and OG Droid I still dont get WHY a unlocked bootloader is important.


Ive messed around with both locked and unlocked devices and I still dont see the appeal of a unlocked bootloader. Its not like you NEED one to ROM ur phone. In fact, even though I have a OG Droid and unlocked Atrix(Actually I have most of Motorola's devices released over the past couple years) I still prefer my Droid X and Bionic.  Both my X and Bionic are rooted....and ROM'ed....locked bootloader and all. Hell my X is overclocked to 1.35Ghz too.....


But I have no interest in Wi-fi tethering....which is the number 1 topic when the Galaxy Nexus was released...."how do I get free Wi-Fi tethering". 



Hey, look!  An iPad!

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