Lite-On Predicts that Blu-Ray Combo Drives Will Go Mainstream in 2009, Burners in 2011



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The way I look at it, I'm buying the ones and zeroes on the disk, I really don't care what is holding the data I want.  Too much hype has been placed on Blu-Ray and other disk based media.  In the long run, they're going the way of the dodo.  The future is just a download away.

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I would just hate if online distribution caught on. Horrible quality, loss of data (sometimes). If they let internet speeds through the roof with affordable prices and no bandwidth limit,  then I might take a second look. I just want Blu-Ray to be cheap.

I see HD only worth it if you have 1080p. 720p is pointless....on my monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 206BW) you just don't really see anything but a clearer picture at a larger size.Maybe I could wish for a larger monitor for Christmas, if only my parents didn't hold the wallet to their chest, recession or not. Only in dreams....for now.



Until the manufacturers get the prices down on BD hardware, both for PC's and for plain old BD players, BD is still going to take a beating as opposed to DVD.  On top of that, charging $10-$20 more for a BD disc of a movie as opposed to the cheap cost of DVD's, this is also killing the format.

If the manufacturers wait too much longer to drop prices, digital downloads my just be the death knell of BD before it has a chance to catch on.



I hope disk drives die out. I praise the day media can be purchased on flash drives.


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 as movies and music albums on like drives. 

Not saying they would or wouldnt be, but as successfull.


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