Linux is Under Attack!



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The real question is how can one tell if they have been compromised?



I know what you mean.  It gets you thinking.  I've always said that linux is not bulletproof.  So many loyalists to linux and mac blindly believe they are invulnerable.  I use all OS's I can find.  They all have their strengths and weaknesses.



Agreed with that one my friend. Linux has vulnerabilities that most malware/virus programmers don't care about because typically a linux user will read what they're about to agree to, and are considered "power users" which are knowledgable with computers, unlike 70% of windows users who are common people who click yes to everything (like my mother does, i've spent countless hours fixing mistakes she made) Mac is just that it's so unused for corporations, that no one can suffer large problems. Majority of computer owners are Windows users, and a large fraction of them are inexperienced and think popups are usually positive things. (In the case of the Antivirus 2008 virus)

Scary thought that we may be infected and not knowledgable of the fact.  

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