Linux: Fedora 10 Now Available



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I love the improved startup / shutdown times in Fedora 10.  Most of the other changes are small evolutionary steps forward in polish and usability.  Happily running it on my home desktop (x86_64), work laptop (x32) and work desktop with no issues.  My previous complaints with x86_64 support are no longer, as flash and Java now work great in 32 *and* 64 bit modes.

Way to go Fedora!



...speak English yet?  Or it it still xorg/sudo/dev/...............mount this!!  Yes I know they are out of order....that's my point...who could ever tell   lol?



I have benn using RED HAT on/Off since Red HAT  version9 it keeps gettting better aND BETTER



If you want to expand your horizons beyond Ubuntu, your best bet might be Mandriva 2009.  It works really well on VirtualBox:

You might also want to try out Linux Mint, Pardus, and Sabayon.

Fedora 10 seems like a solid distro, but it is not as newb friendly as Linux Mint or Pardus or Sabayon. 

Check out my review of Fedora 10 on VirtualBox here:


Keith E. Whisman

The real thing about distos though is that they are reginally based. I mean they are produced by different countries or regions of the world for the individual distro. 

Like Mandriva is a French produced distro, Fedora Core is American, Ubuntu is African, Suse is German and so on and so forth.

I personally like Mandriva, Ubuntu and Fedora. I don't like Suse because it doesn't use standardized package managers. And the commands are different in Suse then they are in most all other distros.

If you can master Ubuntu you will feel at home in Fedora as it's only a little different. Fedora used the RedHat package manager which I believe is the first one I think....  

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