Linux Director: Battling Microsoft is "Like Kicking a Puppy"



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Of course, you're saying that, Jim... it's what you're paid to do.

Yes, I run Linux on my edge. Yes, I run Windows so I can access the tools to make money. Would I put it on User desktops? Perhaps if I was working for the City of Vienna. Choice is good.


You use a flightless bird as a mascot and wonder why it doesn't fly?



Didn't these guys just a few short months ago have trouble with Android claiming to be linux? funny now that Androids are the biggest smartphone in town, they have no problem claiming it.



How about a link to that?  As I can't find anything.  The Linux foundation annouced developing training courses for Android back in Janaury.



I used to be one of those Linux super-fanbois back in 7th grade, but I've grown out of it for one, and Linux, especially Ubuntu, can prove itself now for the most part. I actually don't despise Microsoft or Windows like most fambois, I think Windows 7 is the best yet, but I always say that Linux and Windows has the things it does well, and then the things it doesn't do so well.

Linux does dominate the Web and many enterprise servers though...that tells you that it's widely trusted. It isn't on PCs because of the simple fact that Windows comes with 99% of them, and ordinary users won't justify removing something they know (Windows) and replacing it with something they don't know (Linux).





"If it weren't for the joke of Linux gaming, I'd be rolling Linux all the time..."

This (along with other unstable/incompatible applications).

I'd love to be able to run linux and see it become the main desktop OS. The issue (besides MS dominance) is that most users either don't care or find it daunting by reputation. Additionally, versions which are more user friendly (Ubuntu) are almost as bloated and unstable as Windows, so the majority of people have no reason to switch (besides the cost).





If it weren't for the joke of Linux gaming, I'd be rolling Linux all the time at home. I put it on mom's computer, and had amazingly few problems.



totally agree with you!

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