Linux Celebrates 15th Birthday



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I think Linux is going to have its own platform such as the net tops and mobile devices as we are starting to realize that most people just care for the basic stuff and that is what linux does is getting stuff done.


I look at windows as a gaming platform or just like a console except its much better than a console. 360 shares with the pc with games for windows. This is where the future of windows is going it is becoming more of a gaming os than anything. Its already a gaming os. Of course windows also has open source software too. I dont mind open source software just not the os.





I doubt it'll ever become mainstream on traditional desktops and laptops, but we keep seeing new types of computers emerging, like smartphones.  Who knows what'll be invented in the next decade.  Whenever new things like that come out, Linux has a good chance of becoming the OS of choice on those devices, because people don't already have expectations about how the OS should behave.



Well, the deal is, it won't become mainstream because Apple and microsoft knock it back saying all kinds of untrue accusations, like it's hard to use, unstable, no tech support. Everyone i know who was pc illiterate (even my grandmother) loves Ubuntu, and all of its flavors which i have used in various locations for various reasons. I used to run Hardy Heron almost exclusively for everything from work to games. Windows was my backup OS when i needed a certain windows thing. It's got a bad name, for being Nerdy, boring, inefficient, slow, hard to use, incompatible with every pc part except a very exclusive list, and no support. All lies, everything works on linux, mac and pc programs both work, most servers are linu based (except office ones and mailservers like echange) I personally feel, it has its place, but for the corporate world, it's going to stick on windows...for decades to come i predict, at least in North America.



If Linux was a teen, s/he would be able to drive next year.



What?!  The cake is too a lie! Isn't it?... Where are my pants?


The only way Linux will take off as a gaming OS is 100% native support for games; they just work, no compiling special modules, no using WINE, etc. However, the real issue is that the reason Linux will never become a mainstream gaming OS is that Linux, in the opinion of game developers/publishers, gives the users too much control over their system. It forces programs to behave the way they ought to, they have their own little sandbox to play in, thus "hackers", read: "anyone who uses Linux" (the quotes are there for a reason), are able to circumvent any copy protection and cheating protection since memory scanning by programs like Blizzard's Warden would be greatly hindered in its design to mine as much information as possible about their user.



then (adverb) \'then\: denotes time

than (conjuction) \'than\: denotes comparison

ex., 1 THEN 2, but 2 is more THAN 1.



As much as I'd love it, I doubt Linux is going to become "the mainstream OS of choice" anytime soon.  IIRC, Apple controls far more of the OS market share than Linux, BSD, and all the other open source OS's combined.

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