Linus Torvalds Releases Linux 3.0 Kernel



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yes yes yes yes



...And people predicted that Linux would topple Windows.


I do like Linux, though, from the times I've used it.



What are you talking about. Linux has toppled Windows everywhere EXCEPT on desktops and laptops.
Servers (especially web servers) are mostly running linux. (and don't get me started on hosting providers, nearly always linux)
Supercomuters are nearly exclusively linux.
Set top boxes and embedded stuff is more often linux than anything else.
Many point of sale systems.
Phones are usually linux based, besides iPhones, and this includes dumbphones. (WP7 doesn't really have much market yet, though I expect it will someday)
Rendering farms are usually linux based.
Scientific computing usually happens on linux.
The US postal service, as well as New York stock exchange (and many other stock exchanges) run on linux too.

Hell, it's taking until whenever win8 releases for windows to run on a decent tablet. By then, Apple and Android are going to have completely saturated the market, just like what has happened so far with smartphones. Windows Phone 7 is pretty much non-existent. I expect they will do better with tablets, but still. It's so sad it's taking them this long to get an OS capable of running well on a tablet out the door. They should have seen this coming years ago. Linux did, so did Apple.

If linux were to disappear overnight, I think you'd be amazed at how broken our modern world would be.  You probably use linux at least as much you use windows, you just don't know it, as it generally performs mission critical, behind the scenes tasks.

Desktop linux may never be a big thing.  I don't much care.  Linux owns other markets, It can handle being pretty much a no-show on the desktop.  It outlasted tons of other OS's to get where it is now, and it did so for good reason.

I run windows as well as linux.  Don't call me a fanboy, I like both for different reasons. Both definitly have their place, and deservedly so. I'm just sick of hearing the "year of linux" crap.  Linux had it's year long ago...just not on the desktop...and it probably never will have it's year on the desktop.



I understand why you responded to my post but, yeah, not quite compulsory because of whom you be talkin to.  :-)  I was referring to the people who stated, then and now, that Linux would encroach on Window’s home PC market.


I used Suse in college on my laptop.  It was a decent OS.  I know how important Linux is.



Only about ~13 years after it was announced too.

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