Linksys Media Extenders Won’t Boot Up – Is Cisco To Blame?



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You know there is a class action suit on the way.  There has to be.  We just can't let companies get away with this kind of bovine-excrement.


Keith E. Whisman

Mr Shatner told me that he had a very bad case of hemroids and he was extremely constipated when that picture of him was taken while on the commode. 



Cause this one eneds to be taken with a grain of salt. Do I believe Cisco or Logitech would want to phase out an apparently dead-end technology? Sure.

Do I beleive that either of them would wilfully brick thousands of devices, especially relatively new ones without warning; or more importantly, a well marketed upsell to a newer profitable product? not for a minute.

More likely someone shut off the wrong server or pathway and no one realizes exactly which it is yet.

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