LinkedIn Surpasses 200 Million Members Milestone



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I'm being serious when I ask this. Does having a Linkedin account actually help you find a good job? I signed up once but it just looked like another version of Facebook and the means to spam with with crap I don't want. So I closed the account.



Some companies (like mine) require you to have a LinkedIn profile. My significant other is a corporate recruiter and she uses LinkedIn all the time to find candidates. The only feature I ever use is signing up for job groups to see what other opportunities are out there. I think if you really wanted to use it to find a job, it could be a helpful secondary resource but it certainly wouldn't replace Indeed for me.



I wouldn't lend any credence to the validity of the numbers. Where I work, it is highly recommended (I.E., mandatory) to have a LinkedIn account/profile. Mine is created but couldn't tell you anything about it :)

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