LinkedIn Profiles Hints at Online Multiplay Component in Thief 4



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They can add multiplayer all they want, as long as the main game is more Thief II and less Thief III



Not multiplayer Bah there going to kill the Thief Series now to sigh.

its awesome that there making a new one i cant wait but hope its not Thief's Creed 4 lol, this is one of my Fav games of all time next to Deus Ex. its all about the bow and shadows! o and hiding the dead body's ^_^



I'm not really a fan of this obsession of adding multiplayer to every game, but playing the Thievery mod for UT always made me feel like there is potential for something really awesome there. But they would have to do a REALLY good job.

As long as a different bunch of people are on that, and the single player doesn't suffer for it. They have a LOT of mistakes to learn from in Thief 3.



I imagine we can expect some kind of Assassin's Creed clone. A good game, but pretty consoley. A good game is still a good game.

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