LinkedIn Aims for Transparency, Updates Members on Security Snafu



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Yeah, if Verisign can be hacked, anybody can be. As knipfty says it's a cat and mouse game, and I expect this to be the norm for the foreseeable future.

In this case, I have a LinkedIn account and did change my password immediately. But let's say I didn't - so what? LinkedIn does not have my bank or credit card information, my mailing address, or my SSN, nor is my LinkedIn password the same as any of my other passwords. At worst, the hackers could invite and accept new contacts I don't know, or delete the ones I have. Since there's no financial motivation for them to do so, I wasn't worried.



I never received a notification from LinkedIn on the breach. Luckily my newsreader was littered with info about the hack. I have since canceled my LinkedIn account.



All of these hacks just goes to show you that companies don't give a crap about the security of your personal information. You really can't trust anyone with it.



No you can't say that at all. It's a cat and mouse game going on right now. Hackers are looking for weaknesses while companies learn how to protect themselves.

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