LimeWire Sued Again, This Time by the NMPA



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“we’re looking for more than cessation of infringement, we’re looking
for damages for all of the infringement done over the years.”


This is the argument that makes the least sense to me.  It assumes that someone who downloaded the song would have purchased the album were he not able to download it.




You know,  over time since the 90's how music has changed, I hated buying a cd for only one song what a waste. then came napster. Talk about money well spent, because i was able to listen to the music before i could buy and spend my money on the artist who i thought deserved it (any one remember blockbuster music, where you could listen to a new cd before you bought it, that didnt last long obviously) fast forward to 2010 with a crappy economy, people are sure as hell gonna think twice about spending 15-20 on a cd, shoot a virgin mega store recently closed down by my house. I really wish the people behind groups such as the NMPA read our comments and wake up and get with the program. it becuase of idiots like them i will rather spend my money elsewhere and just buy individual songs or just rip it......idiots



Cause it's so much easier to generate revenue thru copyright lawsuits than it is to actually make good music that people want to buy.



I've seen this formatting crap happen often enough now in posts. I see it says IE4 there in the formatting text...

Does that mean you're using IE4, other "aged" browser, or what? What does it mean?!



This is lame. The marginal cost of an additional song is 0 dollars. So to maximise society's welfare, music should be free! Good thing a simple google search can lead to websites hosting songs for free:) wonder why target lime wire and not those sites?

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