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It's nothing short of coincidence that current laws and morality are not mutually exclusive. Laws have nothing to do with morals- they have more to do with profit and control (imo). I think stealing is legally and morally wrong. I also think that putting out sh*** movies and records and charging $15 a crack is also very, very wrong. So how do you meet in the middle? Steal a few good movies and pay for a few crappy ones? The problem with Americans is that we have been far too over privileged for far too long and now we get to see what happens when those privileges disappear. It's human nature to put as little effort into anything and try to get the most out of it. Neither Businesses nor consumers are immune to that.




I say it's time to go after all libraries too and shut them down. All these people borrowing copyrighted material there for decades! Books, cd's, movies, you name it all for their own personal enjoyment.



Trying to equate libraries with Limewire? Really? Either you're 9 years old, or just not really interested in typing a valid argument.

Grown ups don't make arguments like this. I'm not even going to explain why you're wrong. It's just way too obvious.

If you're being serious, then our school system has truly failed us.

I weep for the future.



I was just throwing out there what I thought was a humorous comparison that we all borrow copyrighted items. I don't use limewire, I could be older than you not that it matters, and I have no interest in commenting on personal information.


When Sony makes a dual cassette boom box and blank tapes when I was a kid and gives me the ability to dub a bunch of cassettes, the ability to record music off the radio, and I'm not reselling these recordings, I just don't see what all the fuss is. It's these companies that get lobbyists to persuade politicians to make laws to protect their profits and campain donations is the real problem.


Installing unlicensed software on a bunch of computers with the same serial at the same time is one thing, but enjoying a music track or watching a movie to me is another. What's next, if you sing a song out loud will you have to pay a royalty fee? Will they go after cover bands? If I buy a Bluray movie and invite people over to watch it will I be prosecuted for sharing it? Probably when I rip it to play it on other devices that I own. When I've already bought music recorded to an album, then rebuy it on cassette, then cd, and then if I download it in mp3 format using limewire because it's faster and more convinient than trying to convert it myself is that wrong too? The list goes on. I'm just having some fun with this subject.

Happy New Year to you all.




Well, I wanted to comment on this, but apparently I am a spammer, sorry I won't be allowed to share my thoughts.



What kind of idiots still use Limewire anyway? Putting ethical and legal issues aside for a minute downloading torrents is way better and not so malware filled of an experience. I only know this by all the 100% legal downloads I do. ;)


Fecal Face

I know, when I borrowed music off a friend using Limewire years ago, it was all improperly-tagged and labelled incorrectly, or sometimes the song name was spelled wrong. I would usually never get the whole album either.

But, when I use a torrent, it's all nicely organized with the album art and it's properly named, tagged, and labelled.

Of course that's just speculation, I would never pirate music... ;)



everyone who thinks limewire is stealing can stop and think about this, Limewire is a P2P meaning that its the users that use it as such... its like pon shops they buy stuff all the time sometimes they could be buying stolen stuff but that doesnt make then the bad guys, because they buy stuff with good intent, but the people use it for bad intent



What's a pon shop? I think you mean a pawn shop. And pawn shops really frown upon buying and selling stolen goods as it gets them in trouble. That is why most pawn shops (at least the ones up here in Canada) will verify serial numbers with the police. If a serial number matches an item that is stolen well then the police are contacted. If someone claims an item is stolen and the SN is verified to be at a pawn shop then its returned.

Regardless, you can't tell me that people were using limewire and not realizing that the items that were being downloaded were copyrighted materials and obtaining them outside of legal means wouldn't get them in trouble. Ignorance of the law is no excuse to break the law.

That being said, if you get a virus or your PC is hijacked or anything else bad happens as a result of using Limewire, then too bad for you. You get what you deserve!



They all deserve to get viruses. They can't EVER be considered good human beings. A thief is a thief is a thief.



That is a completely overblown and unreasonable take on the situation. Also, it may not be right, worse even, but copyright infringement is not stealing. 



Okay - it's 2 different words for the same moral action. Just like drooling is not slobbering. Yet the both involve the same action for all intents and purposes. If you think that copyright infringement is not immoral, then you have a serious problem. The morality is the real issue.



Just curious if anyone is sueing LimeWire for all the computers that have been infected/infested by viruses, spyware, spam and/or malware in general?

I can't imagine the thousands of man hours spent fixing computers damaged directly or indirectly from LW's 'service'


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