Limewire Hooks Up with AVG, Promises Virus Free P2P



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Calgary Compute...

Nice article.  We need more articles like this to get the word out.  I see a lot of viruses from Limewire in our Calgary computer repair shop, even some that have been scanned by AVG, the pro version.  But Avg has  to help.  It finds 97% of viruses.  Still P2Ps are really virus ridden.  It's cheaper to buy your music instead of having your computer fixed all the time. 

This is my Calgary Computer Repair shop.

As you can see we do a lot of virus work.  Thanks again for the article.



Yay! Safer pr0n!




I echo the previous writers...Limewire still exists?

Go .tor with a magnet!



I used to use Limewire all the time in college. That network was plagued with viruses. I was using Symantec too. I had so many viruses on my computer, I was re-installing my OS atleast once every 2 months. Then Ruckus came out for our school, where we get free music subscriptions like the current Zune Pass. It was subsidized by our student tutions and supported ads. It was awesome, until the company tanked because there weren't enough users to support the ads.



wow...........people still use Limewire???



I've never used Limewire myself, but a friend of mine told me a while back that you could use the free version to download an illegal copy of the pro version. I find that hilarious. Talk about a stupid business model. As for virus scanning, I can't help but feel it will be generally ineffective, and I'm somewhat surprised AVG agreed to license their tech to a service like Limewire. 



Me too. Limewire is just a virus machine for kiddies that don't want to understand torrenting.



 True story, in that sense, the search feature worked flawlessly haha.


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