LimeWire Agrees to Pay Record Labels $105 Million to Settle Lawsuit



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these fines and fees are based on the old school CD and Album distrobution methods. As we all know today, that does not work for digital media.

the itunes, and amazon's of the world have saved the music industry. They proved that if you charge a fair price for the music and movies, people won't pirate them. It's just easier to get them legally and avoid the spam and virii of the limewires and bearshares and piratebay's of the world


IMO, and YMMV, I think they should get no more than the actual current price on itunes for anything. The case where the woman was fined millions for 6 songs was the proof its not about the artist, its about the fat cat lawyers getting rich. 6 songs should have = 6 bucks, have a nice day, do you want cash or credit card?



This is NOT a win for anyone, legal users or not. The RIAA is an organization that needs to die and this will only boost their efforts to hold control over the industry for even longer. Maybe now they can get back to focusing on their lawsuits against old granny's and young kids for hundreds of thousands of dollars.



Downloading anything copyrighted and that you do not own such as music, videos, books, apps and games is and always will be illegal. Doesn't matter whether we like the RIAA organization or not, its not like the artists are not making millions still. But people need to put this into perspective. When people do things illegally, its expected that activity be stopped and the law upheld. I do not necessarily agree with how the RIAA handles themselves when it comes to trying to put restrictions on things but the bottom line is I don't blame organizations like that I blame the people downloading illegally.



Why stop at music, videos, books, apps and games? How about that music you watch on youtube or that screenshot you use for your wallpaper, or using a quote and not paying respects to the author? Did you get permission to use them?

I am sure everyone is guilty of copyright in this world. Should everyone go to jail?



"As the court heard during the last two weeks, LimeWire wreaked enormous damage on the music community, helping contribute to thousands of lost jobs and fewer opportunities for aspiring artists."


That is such a pile of garbage.  The record labels kept on going fine despite these services.  Maybe instead of suing they should focus on putting out good music, then maybe people will want to buy it.


The artists will probably not see a dime of the settlement money from this.



More $$$ = Better Music?

Its odd how lesser known groups make better music than well know artists with tons of money like say Katy Perry :D



Provided that even before Limewire was sued, music artists were still getting a fair amount of income from their albums and singles. I don't think $105 million would make much of an impact to them. I really don't know. :/



.... I read the title and thought "Man, did THEY get off cheap!"

But it's $105 MILLION, not $105.



While I do not agree with the way that the RIAA handles the issues with file-sharing I have to say that this is a win for the majority of us who use peer-to-peer file sharing legally.

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