Like the iPhone, Google’s Android Has a Kill Switch for Applications



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Personally, I don't believe that having an app kill switch is all that bad... though it should be used for the right reasons. If there was some sort of malicious app that was released, by all means, get rid of the bugger! However, if it's for a legit app, I'd prefer a notification that it's offending Google's term and offer a choice to remove it or not as I might like the offending app.

- mike_art03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada



Yet another reason for me to NEVER buy an Apple product.



These phones are approaching the functionality of full blown computers.  If Apple, Microsoft or Linux distributors said they can, and will, just go into  your PC and remove stuff they don't like, people would be furious.  When I buy a phone it becomes mine, and I should be able to do with it as I please.  Whatever happened to personal responsibility?  If I brick my phone, guess what?  It's MY FAULT, not the OS developer, not the carrier, but mine and mine alone, just like my PC, TV, stereo, XBOX, PS3, car or anything else I OWN.  These developers need to stop it with the Big Brother crap and just let us buy thier products and do with them as we will.  But this scares them, what if we find a way to do it better and promote a little competition, just like they (Apple and Google) did when they started up and/or revamped thier business model.  Oh no, the world would come to screeching halt if we all had full control over what we paid good money for.  Run for your lives!!!!



I totally agree with you. Though if there has to be the kill switch feature on a phone, I'd at least rather go with the one that gives you your money back and didn't try to hide it when it came out.



AMEN brother!

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