LightSquared Claims to Have Fix for GPS Woes



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All this dissing of LightSquared.  They found the fix.  Common guys.  I'm sure they'll pay for the gazillions of existing GPS equipment to be "fixed", right?  I'm sure the FCC wasn't in on this.  @Montana, thanks for some background info on how this came about.

On the serious side of things though, the tards do own the spectrum so they should be able to use it.  But why would the FCC allow the sale of those 10MHz if GPS was that fragile?


Mighty BOB!

As much as I want to root for Lightsquared and building a national LTE network, ddimick is right. This is ridiculous.


Keith E. Whisman

So they are going to violate the law and produce equipment that produces harmful interference with sensitive navigation equipment for aviation, naval, and land use they are telling everyone that we have to change the navigation equipment to ignore the harmful interference. Fuck you Lightsquared! Lightsquared is the one that has to change it's own technology, not the other way around. There are or at least there used to be laws preventing companies from producing technology that radiates harmful intererence for anything. 



I'm skeptical of anything this company claims.



So all we have to do is physically modify every car with integrated GPS, every GPS-enabled smartphone & tablet, every standalone GPS unit and whatever other devices currently use GPS? Awesome.



The real story is not that they can fix it but that there are at least two high ranking people who were asked to moderate their testimony that would out this for what seems to be political reasons.



But there is stil more to this story that mainstream media has not reported. From a newsletter on 4G I receive "

So, what's greasing LightSquared's skids? Hint: It used to be known as "Skyterra." In 2005, Obama put $50,000 into the speculative firm -- raising eyebrows even among his water-carriers at The New York Times. The paper noted that Skyterra's principal backers at the time of the investment included four Obama "friends and donors who had raised more than $150,000 for his political committees."

One of those pals who urged him to buy stock in Skyterra was George Haywood, a major Skyterra investor and campaign donor who chipped in nearly $50,000 to Obama's campaigns and to his political action committee along with his wife.

Coincidentally, Obama bought his Skyterra stock the very same day the FCC "ruled in favor of the company's effort to create a nationwide wireless network by combining satellites and land-based communications systems." The Times reported that immediately after that morning ruling, "Tejas Securities, a regional brokerage in Texas that handled investment banking for Skyterra, issued a research report speculating that Skyterra stock could triple in value."

Coincidentally, Tejas and its chairman, John J. Gorman, were also major backers of Obama -- flying him in a private plane for political rallies and pitching in more than $150,000 for his campaign coffers since 2004. Obama sold his stock at a loss in November 2005, but his political relationship with the company was cemented. In 2009, shady billionaire hedge-fund manager Philip Falcone -- whose firm Harbinger Capital Partners is reportedly under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for market manipulation abuses -- acquired Skyterra.

Coincidentally, Falcone, his wife and LightSquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja have contributed nearly $100,000 between them to the Democratic Party during critical White House meeting periods and negotiations over LightSquared's regulatory fate.

Oh, and coincidentally, there's $6 billion earmarked for a "public safety broadband corporation" buried in the Obama jobs proposal just as LightSquared pushes into that market, too.

It's all just one strange quirk of timing, Team Obama shrugs. Except, as we all should know by now: There are no coincidences in Chicago on the Potomac. Just an endless avalanche of quids, quos and taxpayer woes."




That's nothing new. The issue is the technology and how the frequency may conflict and cause problems with a technology already in place that provides a lot greater use; ie aviation, surveying, navigation..

in that whole inciteful comment you failed to recognize the issue at hand.


Robert S

Please leave hackneyed political diatribe like that in the trash where it came from. All I had to see was "mainstream media" and knew it was all downhill. That has been how politics has been done for before (Halliburton anyone?) and will always occur. Does not make it right, but saying "look at what the evil democrats are doing" is pathetic.



I was a bit surprised that tech sites that I've noticed have written articles about LightSquared and GPS in the past didn't mention this at all this past week.

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