Lights, Camera, Commercial! Google Rumored to Sell Pre-roll and Post-roll Ads on YouTube



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I can remember exactly the point at which I realized YouTube was done.

On a whim a few months ago I tried searching for some SNL clips from the early 90s (Mike Meyers as "Dieter" from "Sprockets", etc.) Old stuff that no one should really care about, frankly. No dice. Wasn't there. Deleted. 

I don't think I've been to YouTube since. If I wanted to watch videos of 14 year olds acting like idiots, I'd go watch my sister's family vacation movies.

Ideally, Google would work out some sort of mass copyright clearance system with content providers. Since I don't see why copyright holders would agree to such a thing without a massive cash payment, YT's biz model is in trouble.




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