LibreOffice Attracts Over 400 Contributors, Thousands of Code Commits



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"The LibreOffice community is also celebrating over 10 million users". This I think it is grossly under reporting the no. of users as there are more than 20 million Ubuntu users, all of whom have LO as standard office productivity suite.

"Fast, secure and stylishly simple, the Ubuntu operating system is used by 20 million people worldwide every day." -

Ubuntu users are just a fraction of the Linux community. I think most Distros have LO as standard word processor.

What about Windows users who use this great software?

I think even 'over 20 million users' may not be enough. I'm glad its growing fast.

My request to TDF is to revise their estimate & have a daily download counter.

LO is going to be huge! :)



There's a bug in Open Office (media keys on the keyboard won't work when Open Office is the active window) that has been known about for years but not fixed (last I checked). I added a bug report and get an email whenever someone else adds to the report. Usually just a "Why isn't this fixed yet???" every few months. Honestly hadn't heard about this fork, so I'm eager to give it a look.



I like LibreOffice too. :)

They are already working on it: Rumors say mid 2012. Help them out if you'd like to see it sooner. ;)



Any idea when we will see this for Android?



Word processing on your phone? Yeah, that sounds like a blast....



As of October, they said "late 2012 to early 2013".

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