Lian Li's Latest Gaming Chassis Boasts Two Heating Zones



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I'm not going to say that there aren't better cases for less but when you are looking at cases like this you aren't looking to be the best you are trying to look your best. I like my cases like I like my ladies...capable and pretty. This case is just that. A real gamer is waiting for the EVGA SR-2 Mobo and has already started collecting as many 980x CPUs, multple 24 gig triple channel ram packages, OCZ pci-e SSDs, 480 waterblocked GPUs as fast as they can. They are also looking for an electrician that will install a dedicated 120v circuit in their house and writing a letter to the Government on why they are ordering these parts and need this much power. (as to avoid being put on the no-fly list) This is a seven bay beauty built for those that know you don't need that much power to play any game on the market. 60 fps is all you need and achieving that and being the prettiest on the block makes you a perfect ten in my book. I'm a fan of Zalman cases myself but I can appreciate a case like this because I know the demographic that these cases are directed towards. You can't even put an SR-2 in this thing so lets stop being gaming snobs and lets focus on what's most important. FYI gamers that I know have never looked at a price tag because if they did they would realize that they could have been to Hawaii twice for what they shell out for a soon-to-be obsolete machine.



I'd rather have an 800D and use the extra $140-$200 on components.



Is there a case with one 5.25 bay and at least 16 3.5 bays?



I am sure there is a market out there for cases such as this but you get more bang for your buck elsewhere. I am also not a fan of paying a $60 premium for a stardard paint job just a different color.

Going by design alone this case is even below average and it's functionality is more likely storage than gaming.



5.25 bays are very under appreciated in the case world. It is all to common for a case to lack them in favor of more fans or hard drive space or whatever.

I have 4 and they are all full. One optical, one fan controller, external hard drive slot (sata), and the last is part of cable organization.

In a case that large (and expensive), there should be 6 5.25" bays at minimum. It would be best if they could also function as 3.5" bays or as fan housings.I would never buy a case that wasn't <100 though, so maybe I am just not in their market. ___________________________________



You know, I took a look at this case, and while the level of construction looks exceedingly high (typical of Lian Li's work).... there is little that screams 'gamer' to me. 

 Don't get me wrong, it is a very attractive case, but only 3 optical drive bays?  One DVD-drive and a two-level temp/fan monitor and there's nothing else to put in.  Sure, the storage option is there, but it's there for a lot of cases for less money and a better layout for components.  Maybe for the casual Bejewled gamer who wants to show off a pretty case, but I just don't see this as approaching anything unique, innovative, or useful for a real gamer.

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