Lian Li Unveils PC-V650 Mini Tower Case with Side Mounted Power Supply



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Looking at the press pictures, there's no PSU vent. So the PSU fan either sits smack against the side door, or it faces the graphic card(s) and mobo. Seems kinda goofy, especially for a $200 case.



@ Ultra

Check newegg in about 1-2 weeks. Even though they say their available now, it take a few weeks to get in stock
Here's the Lian Li product page

This case will be a nice upgrade from my V354B if I decide to get into regular ATX mobos.

Nice that they put in holes for water cooling tubes as well...



Yeah, I fully expected to find it on Newegg, but I couldn't find the sucker ANYWHERE. This bad boy must be brand new. I'm very excited at the prospect of the available space in such a small footprint. I am a bit concerned about the distance between the power supply and the mobo slots, but I suppose Lian Li has worked that out already. Their cases have always been good to me...



I am looking for other mini towers to consider before buying the Falcon Tiki. Lian li needs to drop the ugly optical drive on the front
then we could be talking. Still Tiki is at the forefront for me for design, looks and quality. Still have a few months more before my purchase.



"The PC-V650 is available now in black or silver for $199"

Interesting because I can't find it for sale ANYWHERE. Dang slick case though. This will most certainly be my next case!



you have a few typo's my friend:).

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