Lian Li Releases Boxy Case for Your Next Boxee Box



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Peanut Fox

If they could make it more red, I'd be in.



Is it just me or does this thing look huge. I have an ASUS Barebones Mini-PC hooked up to my TV, and it's probably a third the size of this box. It doesn't have as good of cooling or expandability, sure, but I only use the box on the TV to stream from a server anyway. It looks right at home next to my Xbox 360, both about the same size, whereas this thing looks like it stands out like a sore thumb. I'm not sure if I would want to put it on the glass shelves of my TV stand either, it looks heavy once loaded up.



I have one from the same line.  Surely, it's bigger than a DVR, but it will take regular size video cards and a standard size power supply (or, at least my model does).

So, these things are relatively compact for something that takes regular sized parts.  To do this, the arrangement of parts is a bit weird; note the drive slots on the side.

Overall, I like these things.  However, with all the sides removed, the frame can feel a bit flimsy.  While there aren't any fancy trays or slides for mounting drives, due to the compact size, there's plent of room for cable routing.  

 If I had to build another system this size, I could see myself buying another one of these; but for a media center/DVR, I would at least attempt to find something smaller.


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