Lian Li Launches USB 3.0 Ready Mini Tower



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...but so far it looks like a winner for a Windows Home Server case. Not too sure about the only fan being on top - maybe I am old school, but is that typical these days to not have a rear fan (except the PSU's, of course.)

The seven drive bays are nice for a WHS setup. Maybe even an HTPC for a main room where you are doing the lion's share of the recording. Probably overkill on size and price for that purpose.


Keith E. Whisman

Back in the day when you would buy a computer case it usually came with an adequate power supply already installed. Well these days when you purchase a computer case all you get is the case without a power supply, and this jump started the power supply market because up until that time only a few companies produced power supplies. Well why can't computer case manufacturers start bundling BlueRay drives or DVD Burners with their cases or at least throw in a few optical drive face plates that match the theme and color of the case? Now that would add value to a case. Case suppliers already throw in IO back plates, so I do see it being so far fetched to expect a drive face plate.

As far as these cases are I would love to start seeing sealed cases that can handle a splash of liquid here and there without damage to the internal parts. These cases would be great for lan parties but also they would be great for kitchens and kids bedrooms but wouldn't keep your parts safe from the kids or the kitchen accidents like a splash of milk.  



"I would love to start seeing sealed cases"

Ok, but how do you cool it?  You can't use air, it would have to be water, with an external radiator.  Hardly safe for kids.

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