Lian Li Launches Slender Mid Tower



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This is a slightly modified version of their earlier LIAN LI PC-Q07 Black Aluminum Mini-ITX case which I love.  A full-size PSU fits perfectly into these - which saves the cost and potential issues of getting an off-brand, custom-sized PSU.


Check out my build log here:



I really want this. But does anyone know if I can just put in my regular old power supply block from my BTX case into these little boxes? I wanna buy this case and a mini-ITX motherboard for a total of $175. But if I also have to buy a PSU designed for mini-ITX cases, then I might have to think twice.



"The power supply units can be turn 180 degrees when user has a 120mm cooling fan. Which it will make fan facing to the motherboard and gives a passive cooling for CPU. Or have the fan facing outwards if there is a power CPU cooler."

look like it should able to fit. i would love to get one of those new mitx that have a x16 slot to put in a 480gtx ha ha that would be sweet

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