Lian Li Launches Another Full Tower, Aluminum Enclosure



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Peanut Fox

It's a really good case, but the Corsair 800D is a better buy in that price range.



Darng it! Now I need to google mm to inches conversion... stupid decimal system...



 365mm is about 14.3 inches.

If you took 2 seconds to look at the photo, you'd notice the motherboard backplate appears to be able to accept EATX boards.  

It's actually called the "International System of Units" or "Metric System". It's a more logical system (and practical) than the ancient and fragmented Imperial System. Only three nations worldwide haven't fully adopted the Metric System: Burma, Liberia and, you guessed it, the U.S.A. However, a lot more American companies and engineering firms are moving away from the outdated, impractical and hard-to-work-with-for-nothing Imperial System.

Across the world the majority of industrial and commercial sectors have all adopted the International System. Imperial System is either dead or on its way out.



Another overpriced case.

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