Lian Li Hates Cute Little Dust Bunnies, Equips All Cases with Washable Fan Filters



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it's about somebody making fan with a filter.  I been making my own filter using swiffer.



Lordy, I hate fan filters! Working at HP/Agilent for 25 years proved to me long ago that a fan filter can get CLOGGED UP faster than you can imagine. What happens to a fan that cannot, y'know, SUCK AIR? It turns the inside of whatever you are using into an EZ BAKE OVEN. Dirty fan blades are not as effective as clean ones but way better than having a clogged air filter in front of it.

 So the inside of the computer is filled with dust. Except when the fans are CLOGGED UP, it turns out to be no big deal. Looks bad, but the machine runs fine. Hell, I have seen a computer with 4 inches of cardboard dust inside it (cardboard factory, heh) and it was working fine (CPU fan was going and there was not a lot of heatsinks on the mobo, old time computer). Dust is OK, no airflow is bad.

No, unless you and ONLY YOU own the machine and are fastidoius about keeping those damn filters clean, DON'T USE FAN FILTERS.



That reminds me of the only time I put a fan filter on a computer. That machine was running a board test system and the operators were clipping leads off of components with a pair of dikes and those suckers were going everywhere. They got sucked into the tester, the 'puter, and was even found embedded in the soles of the operators shoes. Management decisions were quickly made but I protected my equipment from repeat offenders.



I want a few of those lol for standard and 128MM fans were I am there is alot of dust because of it being a desert area.


Turbo Charge

Now if only antec would start doing the same!



One of the features I liked most about my P180 3 years ago was the fact that it had intake filters.  Open up my case now and you'll see some dust here and there, but nothing you would expect out of a 3 year old PC with no filters.  So when I shop for a new case, one of the first things I look for are intake filters.



Same here. I actually refuse to buy cases that don't have removeable intake filters for the same reason. It's so much easier to wash some filters and spray the general insides with canned air once every month or so than to take apart an entire build to clean it because the intakes weren't filtered.

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