Lian Li Claims New PC-A04 is One "Huge" Mini-Tower



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I think I just heard my Antec P180 mini whimper. There's a new bad boy in the microATX mini tower market!

It's impossible to get another P180 under $110-$120 these days, so this doesn't quite trump the P180 yet as the price is very similar.



About the InWin Dragon Slayer.  Like it's looks or not, thats my case for my next M-atx gaming machine.  It can house the longes of video cards, lots of mesh for great ventillation, and can support the Corsair H50.

I love the Antec, but its gettimg harder and harder to fimd.  Also, the shipping is usually outrageous!  But I'm always on the prowl for a nice M-atx case that support big GPUs, enough bays to accomodate several optical drives, several HDs, good air flowo and cam take the H50, H70, or custom water loop.

That leaves Antec P180, NZXT Vulcan, and the Dragon Slayer.

Come on MaxPC!  Review the Asus Rampage III Gene already!



That dragon slayer is a sweet case, all function.  That 4 fan side panel config reminds me of my old CM Stacker 830.  I definately want to try out one of those InWins but nothing can touch Lian-Li for fit and finish, beauty, class, and style!

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