LG's Sexy 55-inch OLED TV May Strut to Retail in Second Half of 2012



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I was really happy when I first heard about this, Then I read a little more and saw that LG is using RGBW PenTile in the display and the marketers are treating it like a good thing.  The only screen I've seen using pentile of any kind that doesnt look like ass has been on the galaxy nexus and thats because its PPI is so high.  At 55 inches the colors may look nice on that screen, but everything else is going to have that wonderfull screen door effect on it.   



Uhhm the TSA has no actually athority over transit. They can suck my dick. This TV on the other hand, could be cool Why does it look like a perfect square?



What's "Affordable"? Because I can get a TV in that size for about $2000 or less if I know where to look. If it's like $5000-$7000, then nope.

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