LG: Windows Phone 7 Launch Didn't Meet Expectations



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Windows 98 has more market share than WP7?!?!?!

I haven't seen Windows 98 in use--other than the copy that I use SELDOMLY in Virtualbox (MS-DOS stuff)--for six years. Wow...

I do know that Windows 2000 is still hanging on by a thread. A few weeks ago, I heard from one of my IT friends thatone of the domain controllers at the local hospital had went down. No one within that DC could log on of course. When I heard that the DC ran Windows 2000 Server, I was not surprised. Some of the workstations, particularly in the billing office, run the workstation edition of Windows 2000. Then there are workstations as current as Windows 7 Enterprise.

Anyways, back on subject, it is not surprising that WP7 isn't taking off as fast as expected. Microsoft tends to wait until something is released, and then jumps on it. They have done it with Zune when the iPod was released, for example. The iPod dominates because Microsoft spent too much time waiting.



Well, the rest of the world does revolve around you, so I'm shocked, too. What happens in the billing office has a ripple effect that is felt across the entire universe.



Great job taking one of the worst out of the lineup of 5 phones that initially launched for WP7. I'd never consider a phone with an lcd and that includes the HTCs. Loving my Samsung Focus. 


Red Ensign

To be honest, I'd never buy an LG phone no matter what OS it ran and I know a couple hundred people where I work (WDW) who won't buy LG either. After reading MaximumPC's "Windows Phone 7: Ready for Action (Jan 2011 issue), I promptly dumped my iPhone 3GS and picked up a Samgung Focus and I don't regret or miss anything. I get better reception and call quality sitting in the exact same spot in my office than I got with the iPhone. The app store is growing every day and I can still stream Netflix (Still waiting Android?:-P) as well as the same radio apps I used before. I don't feel the obsessive need to customize my phone as it already does what I expected it to do so again, I'm not missing out on anything I'd find useless anyways.



If it had come out on Verizon I beleive they would have sold many more phones.  At least before the IPhone announcment.  The story line on why they went with ATT and did not land a deal with verizon seems a little too simplistic.  



I know MS did AT&T because GSM is much wider used in the world, but man... I was waiting for it on Verizon, but since it didn't come, I had to jump off the sinking ship that is Blackberry to Android.

You can't knock MS too much for doing a version 1 of a product.  The first version of iPhone sucked ass.  It got better and better over time, but the only people who would buy an iPhone on Verizon are Blackberry users and current iPhone users who actually want to make phone calls.  The iPhone is so 2008.

I think it is more important to try to see where MS is trying to go.  After seeing WinMoFo7, I doubt I'd like it.  Piss on Facebook; Piss on Twitter; Piss on social networking.  When the zombie apocolpyse starts, all the social networking people will be screwed cause they can't do anyting but post when the zombies bust through their doors.



Wow, all 3 people who bought a Windows phone read this article and commented on it.  What are the odds?    Unfortunately poor launch means no users, means no developers, means no apps, which means no future.  Just tell me what MS brings to the table that isn't already done better by either Android or IOS?



Actually, I made a pretty cool app called queef fraiche so it's not fair to say that there are no apps. Sold 20 copies in a two weeks too so I'm on my way to an early retirement.



Can someone tell LG that their phone didn't meet MY expectations? But the HD7 did.



HOWEVER! I am a realist, and I absolutely HATE the new Windows Phone 7. I am behind Android all the way on this round of mobile OS'. Microsoft took away the main purpose of having a Windows Phone, which is to have the desktop experience in your hands. Now you cannot have multi-tasking with a real task manager like before, you can't install programs from CAB files like before, you can't edit the registry and tweak the heck out of your phone like before, and numerous other things.

Of course there wasn't a good launch, I am not at all surprised.



I've been wanting the new Windows7 phone for a while now, but I don't like any of the hardwares right now. On that note, I really love the ZuneHD hardware - it's so slickly designed, small, light, minimalistic, and very well constructed. If Microsoft comes out with something just like the ZuneHD's hardware, albeit with a little larger screen, I'd jump on board in an instant. I haven't used my ZuneHD in over 4 months now since I got my new iPod, but I decided to just keep it on the shelf isntead of selling it away because the I love the ZuneHD's aesthetics.



Microsoft has been known to screw people over. The kin, The zune, Games for windows live, like my bioshock 2 I can't play because windows live won't ever install the patch without blowing up.......Why should anyone give Redmond their money!


Go Android!

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