LG Stars in Google TV's Second Act



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Holly Golightly

Wow, I freaking love the design of this TV!!! Great OS, and cool looks make this TV a big winner in my book. I will wait on it of course. 



I would totally buy a Google TV.  Since I've recently bought a new TV, I don't see myself buying another one ANYTIME soon.  Which kind of sucks, as I really like this idea and having Android on my TV.  I'm using a Samsung Blu-Ray player right now with the SmartTV OS and have all the apps for streaming video (hulu / netflix among others) and music.  Though I do believe an already prevelant OS would be better though as it would be more globaly accepted and supported rather than one company making up software for each of their products and nothing is really supported.



Logitech's approach required another set of hardware, and consumers aren't going to buy another set of hardware just because of Google.  But building GoogleTV directly into the tv itself is what will help popularize this service.  In this case, we might see more and more people accept GoogleTV until it becomes mainstream.

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