LG Seeks Ban on PlayStation 3 Consoles in the U.S.



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This sounds like a display thing if it's about Bravia TVs and signal processing... which I don't know how this has to do with PS3s.



oh Sony Sony oh Sony. When will you ever learn taking away advertised features is not good business practice. Now LG wants to ban your console from the U.S. No money will be coming out of my pocket.


Glad to be a PC gamer. Is the best gaming platform and I can INSTALL LINUX!!. my 2 cents lol.



I think they ought to block the import of PS3s for deceptive practices in sales and Sony's contempt for the concept of ownership and its customers basic rights.

It should be ILLEGAL for them to sell PS3s with certain functionalities that are later taken away in the form of firmware updates.

Sony sucks. They can take their rootkits and stick them up their asses too.



Console manufacturers wouldn't have to do this if hackers would stop trying to make hacks to run pirated-- Oh I'm sorry... "Backed up" games.

But could we also add Apple to that list?




Other OS is COMPLETELY FUCKING USELESS.  I don't understand why anyone would want to use an underpowered console as a computer; it serves no purpose.  If you have a PS3, 99.99% of the time, you have a PC.  So why would anyone in their right mind install Linux on their PS3?  Right! they wouldn't because it's stupid.  No one (except for a novelty factor) did or would use it.  

"Oh look guys, I have linux on my PS3.  I R SOOOOOO COOOOOOL LOLOLOLOLOLOL.  My geek cred is thru the r00f W00T.  Except I'll never use it except for a couple of hours after I first install it because I have a home PC that is 1000X more capable at performing the same tasks"




Get over yourself.  Just because you don't find any utility in something (Facebook, Yellow Dog Linux on a PS3) doesn't mean it doesn't have any.  Maybe when you grow up, you'll understand that.

You are obviously not a software developer.  At one of my previous employers*, we were developing a scientific application that would eventually run on x86, GPGPU, and the Cell processor (the customer's focus was on Cell).  While it was intended to be run on big multi-processor Cell blades, those are expensive.  The PS3 isn't as powerful as a modern Intel or AMD-based desktop, but it makes a perfectly acceptable, inexpensive test bed.  It sure as hell beats emulating the Cell on an underpowered RedHat box (the other option), and you can chain them together to act as a cheap multi-Cell server.  The Cell and PS3 might not be as good for surfing the web as your PC, but it is superior to x86 in certain types of calculations/applications.  So yes, someone DID use it, and as far as I know, still is.

Nonetheless, the point is that Sony touted the OtherOS as a big selling point when they released their overpriced behemoth of a console.  They also promise firmware updates.  You can't have both now, because a firmware update scrubs OtherOS availability unless you use GeoHot's hack.  If anyone still wants to use it, they should be supporting it like they promised. The new slim consoles don't come with OtherOS support, so they can validly exclude them.

* Before you go on a rant about how I don't work for them any longer, I left for a bigger paycheck in another state, not because of the project.  The work was good work, and the project had real-world applications.



The linking of PS3 to make a super computer was cool and very cost effective.  Heck the US Airforce did it for that very reason (well maybe not the cool part). 




I couldn't have said it better myself.

This poster just appears to be a little brat who is getting all butt-hurt because someone doesn't share his/her same religious-fanboi-enthusiasm for a piece of inanimate equipment.

He/she continues this in the next article with the same lines and immature CAPITALIZATION and l337.

People like this contribute nothing constructive, positive or negative, to the discussion. They just want to wax all tough on the internet.

Good luck with your career :)



No. It's just going to end up with some mutual settlement.



A block on imports in highly unlikely. Sony will probably just agree to disagree with LG and they both will drop their lawsuites.



errrr not happening

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