LG Display is Biggest Loser in LCD Price Fixing Settlement



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They're having class action law-suits filed against them. Okay, but WE as consumers were the ones whose money was unrightfully taken according to the fact they're being sued. So WHO gets the money? Not I as a gilded consumer. Does it go to general consumers who are looking to buy new tv's? This is more angering than being gouged for a tv is having "my money" sued back out of those companies and given to anyone BUT me.



As a consumer, you have the choice not to buy their panels in the first place. I understand you may be jaded, but if something is overpriced, continue shopping.


Peanut Fox

I believe it's organizations like the FTC and EU who get the money.



You can currently buy a Korean 27" 2560x1440 IPS monitor for $300 here in the U.S. Granted they are cheaply built and based on A- panels, but those panels are the same otherwise as the Apple Cinema Display. Some of those panels have been overclocked to 120Hz.

With knowing that, and knowing how inexpensive higher-density touch screens can be, my belief that the LCD panel industry has been selling the world a relative bill of cheap goods is confirmed. Now, courts around the world are saying "Enough is enough!"

Let's get some good quality, high-density panels with good refresh rates please, and at decent prices. It's very clear a U.S. price of $400 is not unreasonable to expect for a 120Hz IPS 27" 2560x1440 high quality panel, and $500 for a 30" 2560x1600. It's also very apparent that higher densities can be had for not that much more money.



Peanut Fox

Yeah. But it's a crap shoot on what you'll actually get, and you've got no warranty combined with terrible after sales support. Dead or stuck pixels are also something you may have to contend with.

For those that are able to get ones that work fine it's a steal.



I have never in my life had a dead pixel on any of my IPS displays, and I have owned several. But about that crap shoot, I would contend that even the worst of these panels are far superior to the technology we had just a few years back. Do you recall how miserable TN panels were in their early days? Passive displays? I remember buying a two thousand dollar portable (I dare not call it a laptop, but that was it's general shape) which had an amber panel, like the old "green screens" from the late 70s and early 80s. For text, those were really sharp, but they were always so damn small. 12" was the eventual standard.

I have been using a 37" Panasonic IPA Alpha panel at a native 1920x1080p for years, it has been a beautiful experience. ;)


Bullwinkle J Moose

So where the Hell are the lawsuits and price-fixing charges against the hard drive manufacturers?

I don't appreciate paying for their flooded manufacturing facilities



Low supply + high demand = sad Moose.



Assuming you're not being sarcastic, this is probably the most ignorant comment I've seen on MPC all week.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Funny, I don't recall insuring a foreign Hard Drive Corporation in the event of a disaster

I don't recall receiving their insurance payment either

Nor would I insure them for acts of God in any event

So why should "we" pay to replace their factories

Why not "them" ?

How stupid are you Apathy?

Tell us now

Overcharged Customers everywhere want to know



High demand + limited quantity = higher prices. There is nothing criminal about that, they pay for their insurance, and have never stated that their prices shall never fluctuate irregardless what natural disaster occurs. I feel the prices were justified, as they could not give an exact date in which their manufacturing processes would be back on line. They are a business, they depend on the consumer to buy their product, stuff happens, let it go.



I am so sick of hearing people whine about how the hard drive manufacturers are sticking it to us. They got flooded. They are passing the losses on to the consumer. End of story. Get over it!

Have they overstated their losses? Most likely. Are they artificially keeping the prices higher than the pre-flood prices? Again probably so. But that my friend is the way it is and all of your whining and name calling isn't going to change a thing. And considering that I just bought a 500 gig drive for the same as I did two years ago then it isn't as bad as many would make it out to be. In the end the market will dictate the prices and they have already fallen much faster than predicted.



Trying to work every angle they can to make as much profit as possible. i have notice a lot of law suits of this type lately. Maybe they will serve as a deterrent for future schemes from other companies.



Of course they do, it's their responsibility to their shareholders...

And yet... we continuously hamstring the power of the courts while screaming about how government is interfering with the 'proper' order of the "free" market. Such idiocy is infuriating, especially from otherwise intelligent people.

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