LG Coming to CES with Massive 3D TV



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Finally, It's about time that we get a virtual reality TV.



I assume this is a native 1080P panel - my question is - how good does 1080P look on such a huge screen? By my admittedly uninformed calculations, if the TV has a 16:9 ration screen, then a 72” diagonal TV would be 62.775” wide. At 1080P, that gives a DPI rating of about 30 DPI. That is an amazingly course resolution. It seems like that 1080P would not look very good on a screen this size. Maybe I am missing something – anyone out there have better awareness of how they overcome this?



With a width of 62.775(ish)", the height would be about 35.25".  Yeah, 1080P gives you about 30 DPI.  You can visually count 32 dots in an inch.  That is rather coarse. 

There's got to be something more going on here to make the picture look high res.  Perhaps they're doubling the vertical resolution and interpolating the missing scan lines based on those they know.

Just because the screen is compatible with 1080p I don't think it means manufacturers are confined to that exact resolution.  The only problem with this guess is that I'd think it would result in a blurry picture.

It's likely a moot point anyway.  Most folks' wives will never let them get a set that large.  Considering this, it still is an interesting hypothetical question. 




well having seem some of these monsters at NAB a few years back, i remember a few looking kind of blurry but another looked pretty darn good. i dont know how they do it, but when set up right, it still looks fine. i wouldn't get anything bigger than maybe 60" though.



WHAT!!!! this TV is a monster. i wonder what will be the limit to the rediculous sizes of televisions nowadays.

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