Lexar Turns On the Jets, Launches World's First 1000x Memory Card



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Like a mni-SSD, but man, it makes regular SSDs look cheap...



Does anyone else find it odd or amusing that flash cards, as well as DVD players and their media, are rated against the data rate of a CD-ROM playing back an audio CD in real-time?

Seriously, why the redundant or otherwise irrelevant stat?

It's like saying, "My car goes up to 40x speed..." which someone has to decipher and interpret to mean 40x the average walking speed of a human, "...which equates to 120MPH."

Why not just list it by it's read and write speeds?  

Hell, it's not like the drive reads and writes at the same speed anyway!

Dan O. 



Is it sensible to say that a Dodge Viper has a 450 horse-power engine? Why not just say 4s to 60km/s?

Yet we still use it.



Paul, I think you mean "minimum guaranteed WRITE speed of 150MB/sec" as the card captures info during a write to the card not a read to the card. Check that will you.

Anyway you look at it, for Solid state memory card that is damn fast!

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