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Another nit-pick on the survey: #10 only let you pick one or the other (or neither) but not both...  But it seems to me that a very large number of readers on this site would have purchases a mundane thing like memory (RAM) within the last 12 months but may very well be planning on purchasing more to upgrade a different PC in the future.



I was even honest this time :)


Keith E. Whisman

I just assumed they meant upgraded as well or built a pc under that same question. I'm sure the survey was meant more for learning how they did on their website then for marketing purposes. If it was for marketing purposes the questions would have been far more precise.  Perhaps they wanted some of the questions to help sell advertising space on the site as well. They would'nt need much more than basic numbers from basic questions that were posed in the survey.



yeah I agree with all of that Keith, it was more of a "how we doin?" survey than "how many dollars is the site update gonna make us?"  But at the same time, it just seemed silly to me to put that question in there and not even include an available answer that would apply to most of us here.

kinda like asking the readers of Hot Rod magazine, "How often do you buy a minivan?" and not letting them choose "never".  OK, so I admit it...surveys that have questions blindly excluding possible responses from the target audience are a pet peeve of mine lol.



Hey guys, whoever you had develop this survey for you certainly doesn't have a good grasp of your chief demographic; one of the questions is "How often do you buy a new PC?"...and none of the available choices were anything like "never, that's why I read this magazine in the first place, duh"




The link takes me to Survey Monkey website??

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