Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet 2 with Windows 8 Pro Surfaces, Launches in October



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Am I the only one who thinks this OS looks like something out of Lego Playland? I guess the Windows fans will gobble up anything M$ craps out. All I want is an OS that runs the programs I want, and Win7 does that fine.



Yes it does come with "differentiators that matter," like a weaker screen, proc, and a keyboard that looks like it's from 2 years ago. Well played Lenovo.



Weaker screen in what way?
Surface RT = 1280X720
ThinkPad Tablet 2 = 1366X768
Not a whole lot of difference there, though the ThinkPad Tablet 2 has a bit of edge.

Weaker proc?
The Atom line of processors are fairly comparable to ARM processors. I don't think this tablet is aimed directly at competing with the Surface Pro tablet that uses the Core i5. Looks to be more aimed at competing with the Surface RT tablet. And if it's going to be using one of the newer Atom cpu's, maybe be a bit more powerful.

As for the keyboard, well that addon keyboard resembles the same keyboard type used by ThinkPad laptops for years. Go look at any IBM Thinkpad or Lenovo Thinkpad and you will see the simiarlarity. Just like HP's keyboards have looked the same for years or most any other manufacturer.

All in all it's nice to see a company that decided to roll with it instead of whining or making vague threats like Acer. Not that I would ever buy an Acer anything anyway.



Bravo this is what the industry is all about competition. Lenovo already knows what microsoft has. Now lenovo brings out a different set of guns. There is one thing everyone knows better surface or a crying acer ceo is a ThinkPad brand name. they might have the upper hand on the pricing on this. and all that extra stuff you cannot do with the windows RT Surface, you can do with the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet 2 just because it has a x86 processor. Slower than the IvyBridge but it has it.


John Pombrio

Just read a pretty glowing review of the MS Surface on PCWorld. That high end Lenovo goes into the market is great. Expect good things from both.



I'll check it out, Thanks



Now this shows the plus side of the Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft prods manufacturers to improve their designs. Nice move, Lenovo.

See how it's done, Acer?


Dark Blade

"Lenovo, which bought the brand from IBM in 1992"

Should be 2005 the ThinkPad was introduced in 1992.




You are correct -- good catch!



Paul, the article now says 1995, not 2005 (April 30/May 1, 2005 to be exact).

One thing not mentioned in this article is the upcoming Yoga tablet.

This Thinkpad tablet is really a competitor to iPad - this is a true corporate tablet, that can run Intel apps, connect to VPNs, have security, etc. It will NOT play Crysis, but it will be a serious corporate tablet, and with up to 64GB of memory, should suffice.

In terms of 2yr old keyboard, go look at the keyboard on the original TP Tablet - it seems pretty good.

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