Lenovo's Paddle-Shaped Mini Wireless Keyboard Now Available



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Given 65 bucks price point  , all basic functionalities included this can be what we need for HTPC. I don't really understand why people complaining about no scroll wheel , no right mouse . This pad is not supposed to be used as desktop keyboard and mouse combo. If you need to scroll up or down use arrows up and down .



Make the handle part a bit thinner and this pad be triple as a ping pong paddle!


Keith E. Whisman

This isn't new. I bought one for my XBOX 360 game controller. 

Man you would think they cured cancer or something like that.  



No way did you buy one of these for your 360 controller, considering it's not even released yet.  You may have purchased an XBOX 360 Text Messaging kit that came with a chat pad that jacks into your controller, but it's pretty obvious that this unit won't attach to a 360 controller and is PC-only.  Sure, chat pads are nothing new, but it's nice to see a new offering in the realm of HTPC controllers.



dupe comment



All this, and no scroll wheel?!?!? 

Say it aint so!

Still in search for the perfect HTPC remote. 



No middle mouse button or mouse wheel in this day and age = FAIL.  Even if there's hot-key functionality built in to turn the trackball into a quick-scroll, it's still a fail.  Given the size of this thing, it wouldn't have killed them to stick one on in between the mouse buttons.

As for HTPC remotes, I've been eyeing the Logitech DiNovo Mini.  It's small and has a full QWERTY keypad, but again the lack of a mousewheel (combined with the price!) is a bit of a deal-breaker.

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