Lenovo Wrestles PC Crown from HP; IDC Says Hold the Boat



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l like that one that's funny anyways ,desktops may well be on the decline because laptops are becoming more popular and are capable of gaming too not to mention portable (l just got one awesome too) and people are satisfied with basic games on their phones and tablets as well as game consoles (cheaper & not needing new hard ware ,read last longer) The new PC s that are sold now are built better than 3 yrs ago but no one needs to replace them every year. Awe poor PC companies can't make big money all the time and buy expensive cars etc . boo who cry me a river :)
BTW l m still a PC gamer upgrade my parts all the time ,the best part of a desktop :)



PS hey guys (PC companies) build a reasonable PC that can game decently right off the hop that costs around $600 ,one with a Intel and one with AMD ,decent video card vola



PCs aren't dying. The thing is that unless you're a gamer there really hasn't been a real reason to replace your existing PC over the past 5-8 years. Well, unless it broke of course. And if you ARE a gamer then you certainly aren't buying a HP or Lenovo. Any PC with a dual core processor is more than sufficient to run Office, Quicken, email, etc.. basically anything that the typical home users needs to do.

I haven't purchased a refrigerator in 10 years, does that mean that the refrigerator industry is dying as well?


Brad Chacos

I think that's an excellent point. Meanwhile, mobile devices are 'booming' -- though still selling nowhere near as many units as PCs/laptops -- because people are still just starting to hop on board the tablet/smartphone bandwagon. In other words, the desktop is a mature market, while mobile is an emerging market that's picking up steam.

Also, speaking of fridges, that's one of the benefits of renting. Mine broke recently but since it was supplied with the apartment, the landlord bought me a new one. Woo-hoo!



To add to the above, they have even started noticing a slow down in Smartphone sales now that the market is becoming saturated and the phones are greatly starting to outpower the needs.

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