Lenovo Unveils Netbook-Killer Desktop the C100



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It doesn’t look all that bad, but I don’t think I could see myself owning one, i would rather spend 5-600$ for a half way decent gaming desktop then spend 400 on something the standard laptop eats.  I couldn’t really see this thing running vista, now Linux or XP, no problem. but still good for laptop specs, not so much for a desktop.




Yeah, I see what you guys are saying.
On this page you can see what the potential upgrades are for the C100 and they are consistent with the press release:

The Lenovo C100 Key Features Include:
Attractive slim-line design: Compact dimensions of 18.5 inch x14.5 inch x 4 inch, featuring an 18.5 inch, 16:9 widescreen and two-inch screen depth design.
Intel Atom Core™processors: Available with Intel Atom 230 single core or Intel Atom 330 dual core options for fast and powerful operations.
Easy to access multimedia: DVD burner/reader and four USB ports.
Security and peace of mind: The C100 comes with the Lenovo Recovery System including OneKey™ Antivirus and OneKey™ Recovery that scans for viruses before entering Windows and effectively recovers and restores corrupted data.
Additional details for the Lenovo C100 all-in-one desktop can be found on www.lenovo.com.
Pricing and Availability[2]
The Lenovo C100 all-in-one desktop will be available starting September 16th at retailers and www.lenovo.com. The C100 starts at $399. 

However, I can't see why the price listed isn't as advertised in the release.  My phone call with Lenovo suggested that more models will be available with more upgrade options and better pricing in the coming weeks. 



And don't forget the Nvidia Ion for the GPU... 



Needs more ram. 1 gig ain't gonna cut it.


Nick Burns

I like your price range better... Lenovo website has a starting price point of $499 instead of $399. If I could get it for $400, I'd buy one for my mother-in-law.



Not only is the price $499 on the website but it has a Atom 230 single core and the only upgrades were software.



It quotes a $399 price in the press release linked in the article.

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