Lenovo Says "Customer Insight" Prompted New ThinkPad's Curious Design Changes



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Laptop Adapters...

I want to buy a new computer, and I can take attention on Lenovo.
Thank you for your information!!!



I miss IBM. Lenovo seems to have the reverse Midas touch.



So they got rid of the "silly" lamp, the ability to use the trackpoint with any efficiency (loss of the trackpoint buttons) and the fingerprint reader that could be used to turn on and authenticate in one swipe? But they still have a shitty low res non-IPS screen? What customers were they actually listening to? Not thinkpad customers, no I think not.

The X1 Carbon was so close to once again bringing modern perfection in a laptop, something the ThinkPad has failed to do for too many years - but Lenovo just doesn't get the screen thing and now they're degrading other aspects of the ThinkPad. Oh well - NEXT.



"The trackpad on the T431s is now a single box with a multi-touch glass surface..."

If only someone had thought of this before! (trollololol.)

I jest. I like Lenovo's ThinkPads but I agree with carage below: the lack of ExpressCard slot is a bit of a bummer. (TB would be an added bonus too.)

Also the rubberized backing was actually appealing to me. But, having not seen or handled one of these newer designs, I can't say whether I would like it better or worse.

Looks pretty decent though for the most part.



Am I to assume that they ignored the customer complaints about expandability and a modern screen resolution?

When a modern laptop can't play back a 1920*1080 media file without downscaling it, something that has been old-hat in the world of computing for the better part of a decade, something is very wrong.

Is it too much to ask that some company besides Apple even try to advance display technology? C'mon guys.



No ExpressCard slot...sigh
No Thunderbolt port...sigh



Ok, replacing the silly little reading lamp with a backlit keyboard is a welcome change, but no rubberized exterior?? Heresy!



I thought the main draw behind the Thinkpad was the conservative design- why make such drastic changes? Nearly all the features that set the Thinkpad apart from the rest are now gone, from the classic programmer friendly keyboard layout to the rubberized surfaces to even the indicator lights. I used to buy Thinkpads for their unsurpassed mouse and keyboard devices, but it looks like both are on their way out in the name of "minimalism". It seems strange to me that a company that prides itself on switch feel would remove dedicated mouse keys just for the sake of looks.

With each revision, the Thinkpad brand has been built using the same timeless design elements from twenty years prior- comparing this to the original IBM 700, I can't see the resemblance.


Renegade Knight

I agree. I can see an improved trackpad. I can't see the loss of the best keyboard in a laptop, or even the less useful keyboard layout. Without a touch screen this thing isn't keeping up with the times. The under the hood changes are also bad. Each generation gets less repairable. Quality isn't what it was. My W520 was sent in twice for warranty. I ended up fixing the last problem myself (fixed once under warranty but not permanently) and they never fixed the sudden death syndrome that was a known problem.

Their transition to 8 remains less than stellar.



Did they move the "fn" button that is on the bottom left of the keyboard? I always skipped Lenovo laptops because of this oddity.



You know, you can switch that in the BIOS.

I did (on my W520) :)



Nope, it's still in the same spot.

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